Free STD testing … Is that what you are looking for?

Free STD Testing

Although a free STD test is very hard to come by, that does not mean that it does not exist. You may find free STD testing in your local area, … Continue Reading »

Why should I choose Personalabs for my lab testing needs?

Choosing Personalabs - Lab Testing

Lab testing… why should I choose Personalabs?

Well for starters, we have been in the lab industry for 10 years. We take pride in stating that we are pioneers in Continue Reading »

Anonymous STD Testing

Anonymous STD Testing… Everything you need to know…

How does anonymous STD testing work?

You can place an order online and use the anonymous testing service. Anonymous means that Continue Reading »

TB Blood Testing vs. TB Skin Testing

TB Blood Testing

TB Blood testing and TB skin testing…. The aim of this article is to explain what Tuberculosis is and explain the different methods of testing available.

What is Tuberculosis ?Continue Reading »

How to Carve Calories and be Healthy-ish this Thanksgiving!

Healthy and Thanksgiving are not synonymous, but they do not have to be mutually exclusive either.  There are various ways to stay relatively healthy throughout the Holidays including portion control … Continue Reading »

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