Protect your heart from heart disease during American Heart Month

Heart Disease Image

Medically approved by Dr Salko Feb 8th 2017

February is American Heart Month, a national campaign to raise awareness about the issue -what can you do for your heart?

The … Continue Reading »

Osteoporosis and Men

As a large portion of the population ages bone fractures are expected to rise. Though there are preventative practices to curb low bone density the majority of these treatments focus … Continue Reading »

Movemeber: The Moustache & Prostate Cancer Awareness

Though it’s still early in the month, have you noticed a higher then usual number of mustaches?  If you live in Brooklyn you’re immune to the changing tide of facial … Continue Reading »

This is Your Brain on Netflix

Your brain on Netflix might look shockingly similar to a brain on drugs. Recent studies have found similarities between the brain’s response to extended screen exposure and drug use.

Prolonged Continue Reading »

The Two Things That Will Make Sleep Better

Let’s be honest, everyone knows that sleep is important. It affects memory, metabolism, mood and the immune system. Knowing this, however, and getting the recommended 7 hours of sleep are … Continue Reading »

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