How to Carve Calories and be Healthy-ish this Thanksgiving!

Healthy and Thanksgiving are not synonymous, but they do not have to be mutually exclusive either.  There are various ways to stay relatively healthy throughout the Holidays including portion control … Continue Reading »

Movemeber: The Moustache & Prostate Cancer Awareness

Though it’s still early in the month, have you noticed a higher then usual number of mustaches?  If you live in Brooklyn you’re immune to the changing tide of facial … Continue Reading »

Fall Fungi: Mushrooms’ Surprising Health Benefits

The arrival of fall ushers in pumpkin spice lattes, great weather and mushroom season! Mushrooms are a low calorie, low fat (depending how you prepare them), and notoriously underutilized source … Continue Reading »

Fight Allergies

The pollen production from trees, grasses and weeds that trigger hay fever (allergic rhinitis) peak during the late summer and early fall. Itchy, red eyes and stuffy noses can make … Continue Reading »

Tests that Can Predict and Prevent Disease: Fasting Insulin Level

With the rise of tech watches and fitness bracelets there is a clear demand for direct access to personalized health information. This gear is however limited in its capabilities and … Continue Reading »

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