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Top 5 Tests For Men

When it comes to taking care of their personal health, American men are less likely to get regular health exams or monitor their health status than American women. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, nearly 26 percent of men in the United States do not have a regular source of healthcare. An unfortunate […]

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5 Signs You May Have Metabolic Syndrome

Do you know your Metabolic Syndrome Score? If you don’t — here’s why you need to know this key health indicator. Metabolic syndrome occurs most frequently in people who are overweight. People with metabolic syndrome typically have three or more related health conditions that increase their chances of developing one or more costly “killer diseases” […]

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Can You Reverse Prediabetes?

If your blood sugar levels are regularly higher than 100 mg/dL but lower than 125 mg/dL you are prediabetic. The scary thing is, you can be prediabetic while experiencing no warning signs that your health is on a downward spiral towards becoming diabetic. The best way to determine if you are at risk for diabetes […]

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