Future Allergies: Challenges ahead, and solutions too

Predicting where the stock market, political elections, or home prices are headed can be tricky business. Just as complex is understanding where our allergies are coming from – and whether … Continue Reading »

Zika Virus: How can we fight it?

Zika virus blood test

Last July, Florida made national news for a sobering piece of news about the Zika virus.

A report by Florida officials noted that four local cases of Zika infections had … Continue Reading »

Syphilis Can Be Treated If Blood Test is Done Early

If you had a reason to believe you might be at risk for heart disease or a stroke, you wouldn’t think twice about getting your cholesterol checked.

You can also … Continue Reading »

STD Awareness Month – STD Infographic

STD Testing Infographic Blog

STD Awareness Month Infographic

As STD Awareness Month is upon us, we wanted to take the time to share with you the importance of sexual health. At Personalabs, you will … Continue Reading »

A HIP Way: Connecting patients and health information

Blood test call for health information

Sunday, March 26 begins National Health Information Professionals Week. There truly are a lot of contributions made by people guarding patient health information.

It’s a role that Personalabs understands and … Continue Reading »

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